What is it that you do, Anita Sanders? 

I coach on what you are given in life, and not on what you wanted or are still waiting for. Based on your qualities and thrives, in combination with the power of your voice. 

I can help with more effective communications.
I am a more than 25 years experienced coach and worked in very divers working areas. In marketing| schools | profit and non-profit environment, both with personal and team objectives.

Depending on your needs (and goals), I can support you to a better way of personal communication (identity and speech), and/or team-communication (understanding and being understood). 

I work with several methods, a.o. the Enneagram that will help you cope with difficult circumstances, such as big losses (mourning), and new opportunities in life.

YOUR voice
Of course the voice is a very important asset in my methods, it makes you aware (mind full), vulnarable (visable to yourself and others), and gives you the positive energy you just might be looking for.

It all depends on the situation you are in, and what you need at this point in life.  

FACE to FACE / e-mail or maybe even singing?

You can pick you choice of support, as you prefer it to be. A weekly question by mail? Or a weekly conversation face-to-face. Even singing can bring you to another mindset. Let’s just first have a moment to sit together, and see if you and I have a personal match. That’s thé basis for effective coaching.

How nice to actually meet you !
If you are willing to invest in coaching, then you might want to know more about the methodes available, and of course whether there is a match, a klick between us. 
If you fill out the under given form, and forward  it to me with more detail regarding your question, then we could actually meet, and make our acquaintances, and find out. This is totally free of charge. 

By phone is also possible
If you would prefer to call, that is possible as wel, I am available at my cell number

06 - 2423 7572

The first 30 minutes are free of charge, there after we start our first actual session.
For business progammes, I work with given estimates (excluding VAT), for private matters I work with an hourly tariff (including VAT), and tariff cards (5 - 10 sessions).  


As refugee she came to me as a sister and mother, I supported here with childrens books, to start telling bedtime stories for her children. To a find the public library, and off course to start speaking better Dutch herself.

She is a Afghan radio-journalist, and I encouraged her to be a Dutch radio-performer (she still is my co-hoste on the radio). I gave her the opportunity to be an example to other refugees with very different backgrounds, and to be able to fully participate in the Dutch society, and enjoy the choices life offers here in TheNetherlands.

With expats I help them with their applications, their resumes, and off course their social network to their needs. 

With other refugees I sing Dutch songs, and to help you out (if you are looking for this option), I would like to point you at A FREE portal, on which you can find special adjusted Dutch songs, with lyrics and proper language rules and guidance.


2 btw tarieven. 
Mijn coaching en zangles vallen onder het 21% btw  tarief. Optredens vallen onder de naam Jukebox from the Heart en worden met  9% btw belast. 

Kvk 6107 6627
Zonnehoek 110, 2141 DR Vijfhuizen

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