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Why a garden design?

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Every good garden starts with a good design!

With a garden (however small) you enlarge your living pleasure. It unites the inside with the outside.
It’s got to be a place where it is nice to be, so privacy, security and shelter against wind and sun are important. With the heavy rains you need a solution for waterstorage so you can survive the heatstress in dry summers. 

I create a garden that is a shelter for animals with the optimal conditions that provide them with their food and nursery. The hedgehog, the bird, the butterfly they all bring balance against pests such as snails and diseases. Due to an optimal balance, this garden is a healing place for humans ánd animals. A small tree cools down to 10 degrees (and proper placed even more), pumps up water and harbors birds and critters. Bears delicious fruits and provides shade while a breeze softly caresses your cheeks on hot days.
For such a garden.. I use my knowledge and passion.

I ask you the shirt of your body
To realize a nice garden, I have a ton of questions. How do you use the garden and when? Are there games, do you want to read in silence, is there entertainment with friends, eating and/or cooking? A garden holds a place for everyone. It is the connection with nature to enjoy and a welcome to come home to.

Finally, maintenance is always a 'thing'; you want to be able to maintain it in a way that you can handle so that it becomes more and more beautiful with age. Again I will help you with that with proper planting. For plants and trees on the right spot take far less maintenance than you think or expect. 

My vision on a garden

1. a garden makes you happy: a nice garden increases the value of your home and increases your enjoyment of living.

2. nature gives you energy: in stressful times, a garden is the place for quick relaxation. Mindfulness at your fingertips. In an instant you feel that your head is empty; relaxes.

3. nature is important for our survival: the collection of rainwater ensures that the water does not end up unnecessarily in our sewer system and is unnecessarily purified. Rainwater collected in a rain barrel is worth its weight in gold and flooding during heavy rain periods is quickly processed by borders and smart paving.

4. No garden without a tree: Every garden has a small tree for shade, for pumping water, for purifying the air, for birds to fly in, for harboring bugs as food for the birds, for cooling the air . And trees come in so many shapes and sizes that one can always be found that suits your garden.

Do you want to be a proud garden owner?
Then I will help you to make that a place where you enjoy yourself to the maximum. Can you see yourself walking along the borders towards your hammock? How you're having drinks with friends, or lunch with your love on a sunny Sunday? How you lounge, read, work, eat and also how the kids and pets enjoy the seasons with you that make the garden beautiful again and again?

"Impossible you think, I wouldn't know where to start".

Whether you have a lot or little knowledge of gardening: I will help you with the garden that is unique in the world and completely suits you and your life. I bring all your loose splashes of ideas and wishes together into one completely personal design.

Your garden is like the best medicine against a stressful head. It is a place for those who long for family connection on summer days, where your pet can enjoy themselves and relax and for a person who wants to light a small fire.

In my gardens there is room for everyone, in the way that suits him/her best. This requires knowledge about people, about nature, about garden design and the right planting.

Read more in Dutch  how a garden design is created and what it involves.If you like I will happily tell you all about it myself.

Green your world and start in your own garden: the hedge!

A plea for the hedge: in which a world of diversity has its home and source of food. Against which no bins can be pushed (banged), footballs can be bounced and no sound box is created. A hedge is sound-absorbing, purifies the air and absorbs water and you also have a more urgent need for a good neighborly relationship.
You do indeed talk to them about that annoying maintenance, but also about, for example, putting the roller bins outside for each other during vacations.

In addition to the beautiful and fragrant nature of plants, they are also there for your well-being in shape and color.The effect of color, scent and leaf shape in a healthy appearance makes you happy as a biological phenomenon yourself.